ZEEMUZEEK – A Letter to my Father’

In Other by Nick Russell

Written about a lost, broken, and rejected person who never knew real love until he gave his life to Jesus Christ, ‘A Letter to my Father’ is a spiritual and uplifting single from ZEEMUZEEK. Speaking about his single, ZEEMUZEEK explains “I was 12 years old when I became fatherless, and I never had any other father figure in my life to love me, guide me, and protect me as a father would.” Mixing Hip-Hop beats with spirituality and his own faith, ZEEMUZEEK produces heartfelt and emotionally moving music that is sure to provoke a true and vivid response.

ZEEMUZEEK is a songwriter, rapper, and producer, inspired by Jesus and his faith. ZEEMUZEEK has moved through genres and styles in his career, from R&B and Hip-Hop, to motivational and Gospel music. Wanting all songs to convey his love for God, and his passion for music and self expression. Although he has been making music for years, he spent the majority of the time on his graphic design career, and the music keeps calling him. In 2015 ZEEMUZEEK and his wife became a duo band called DungeFam and started releasing some singles and an album, written and produced by ZEEMUZEEK himself. In 2022 he returned to his solo music with the single ‘How To Heal’. ‘A Letter to my Father’ is a continuation of this new chapter of ZEEMUZEEK.

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