Young Brixton Rapper Cristale Drops New Single 13 Going On 30.

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South London rapper Cristale dropped her debut EP ‘What It’s Like To Be Young’. The 7-track EP follows the closing single 13 going on 30 – a tale embodying both introspect and hindsight within her poetical punchlines.

Youthful in flavour yet polished and matured in nature, Cristale embodies the juxtaposition between nostalgic reminiscences and the reality of the here and now.

13 Going On 30 mirrors a broad awareness of her past, present and future, yet still sonically embarking on the smoothness and swag we all love about UK rap.

Analytical and conscious – Cristale’s diary entry approach and reminiscent nature of all aspects of her past, present and the future draw out not only swag but also substance. The track is a coming-of-age song that bridges the gap between child to adult. The Brixton rapper paves the way from young, dumb and fun to a humble and hopeful from an honest hind sighted point of view.

Rather than amplifying a cocky and complacent attitude about her position in not only the industry but in life, 13 Going On 30 is a story that reflects how it is still part of the process by recognising how far she has come yet how far she still needs to go.

Cristales 13 Going On 30 is an example of evolution. The lyrical body reflects hard work, dedication and most importantly, how to believe in yourself. 13 going on 30 is not only for all the young rappers of today but for the young people of today no matter where they’re from or where they plan to go.

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