Yizzy drops ‘Offside’ video as part of ‘Prince Of Grime’ EP

In Grime by Harry Martin

The self proclaimed prince of grime Yizzy has been busy making moves upwards in the scene. Having released songs with legends such as JME, his latest track ‘Offside’ is a perfect showcase of the artist’s musical talents. Featuring quick cut visuals with cartoon segments, ‘Offside’ switches between a hooky-smooth R&B influenced chorus while snapping right back to a grime mix.

The track also highlights Yizzy’s ridiculous flow patterns, with the emcee dropping quick lines over a catchy and head-bopping beat. The North Londoner is definitely one to watch in 2021, as his talents are going to go above and beyond as he continues to release music. Check his interview and freestyle on our Pyro Radio in 2017 and watch the new video here!