Wintermute – Convergence EP

In Drum & Bass by Joe Ponting

Wintermute – Convergence EP

German precision is the order of the day on this Boundless Beatz release, with Wintermute at the controls delivering a handful of devastating 170bpm cuts. It’s only the second record from the Leipzig label, and sees Wintermute follow up the Edge EP he dropped alongside Neonlight on Black Sun Empire’s label Blackout earlier in the year.

Convergence EP

There is a thoughtful pressure on ‘Convergence’, which rolls at half time with an air of power and precision but reigned in – there’s plenty of room to breathe, and the high-end pads are full of clean atmospherics. Not so ‘Proximity’, a tight-knit prowler, dense and surrounded by a techy bassline with drums snapping like hounds to keep things focused.

‘RWD’ is a phenomenal workout in mood, constantly building – almost trip-hop like – and evolving into a totally immersive track. Probably not what you normally listen to, but change that right away. This introspection is blown away by the taught tech stomp of ‘Shattering Crystals’, twisting and pummelling its way through the speakers with little to no respite. In terms of pure speaker cone torture it’s not on the level of ‘Euler’s Disc’, a half-time exercise in bass weight and ripped-up bass tones – its atmospheric intervals make it hit all the harder when it drops in with its mutant basslines, guaranteed rave-slayers.

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