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What Rap Duo Sounds Like Crepes and Cones?

In Hip Hop, Lifestyle by Elliott Nielson

It’s official, Krept and Konan are to open a dessert bar in Croydon, South London.

Since 2014, the pair have joked with the idea on Twitter that they would “have a dessert chain restaurant one day called Crepes and Cones”. However, by November 2016 the pair found a location in their hometown of Croydon; and that dream soon became to taste like a reality.

On May 1st, around 11am, they announced the date of their grand opening via Twitter.

 On May 12th 2018, Crepes and Cones will open its doors on South End, next to Croydon Metropolitan College.  

Casyo “Krept” Johnson also announced the news via his Instagram account. “After working on this for over 2 years im so proud to announce that me and konan are opening our restaurant Crepes and Cones next week”.

“We do crepes, waffles, grilled food, chicken, burgers, ribs, hot dogs to name a few. Yes its halal. And we even have vegan options and ice cream. We do cocktails, mocktails, slushes, milkshakes, everything. Honestly [I’ve] put my blood, sweat and tears into this. We even have a private room for hire.

He continued: “It’s disabled friendly, child friendly also. So much up and downs making this, I even became a builder at one stage lol. But we are finally here. I said we would do this yeats ago and made it happen. How I have no idea but believe me, you can do anything you set to. Dreams to reality”.

Jamal Edwards quickly commented: “So sick…Goats [Goat Emoji x4]”.

Drake also shared his thoughts commenting: “Wow!!!! Congrats to the man dem”.

I wonder what Comedian Michael Dapaah will be ordering, commenting: “See you there May 12th !!”.

The South London duo released their highly acclaimed debut album ‘The Long Way Home” in 2015. More recently in 2017, they released the conceptual, genre-blending double mixtape “Seven Days / Seven Nights”.

Once you’ve got your crepe or cone later this Spring, the next big thing they’ve got for you is their biggest headline show to date. With a massive show at North London’s Alexandra Palace on October 25th. For tickets and more information, visit here.