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Watch the trailer for exploratory A.I./beat-boxing docuseries ‘We Speak Music’

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A unique video series has been produced, which is a collaborative project between Nokia Bell Labs, legendary UK beatboxer Reeps One and production house Lonelyleap. They take an exploration into the evolution of the fusion of the human voice and technology. In the docuseries, Reeps One meets a range of diverse communities around the world, who are leading significant advancements in experimentation with the voice. They range from the fields of science, technology, academia and therapy.

Speaking about the project, Reeps One said, “As the newest E.A.T. artist I stand alongside legendary pioneers like John Cage and Rauschenberg. Going into production, I thought I knew a lot about the human voice and its potential, but nothing could have prepared me for finding technology that gave me the means to musically collaborate with my A.I. twin.”

The six part series will be released on a weekly basis, starting from this Friday. The full dates are below the trailer. More info via Bell-Labs.

‘We Speak Music’ release schedule

02.03.19 – Episode 1

09.03.19 – Episode 2

16.03.19 – Episode 3

23.03.19 – Episode 4

30.03.19 – Episode 5

06.04.19 – Episode 6