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Watch as Loyle Carner has sexist gig-goer ejected

In Hip Hop by Sophie Gaudin

Watch as Loyle Carner has sexist gig-goer ejected

Loyle Carner – This could be interesting food for thought for those who say misogyny is what puts them off hip hop.

Mercury Prize nominee Loyle Carner stirred up approval from his fans at the show and on Twitter recently when he made the decision to have a fan ejected for shouting at the support act – Elisa Imperilee of Elisa & Srigala – “You have big tits.”

Ever polite, Carner, who also runs a cookery school for children with ADHD said “Sorry man. For being sexist. You gotta go.” After the show he updated followers on the situation, letting them know that the offender had been banned from the venue.

Elisa Imperilee uploaded a post to her Instagram as response saying that “all of us, including men and particularly those in a position of influence, have an important role to play in challenging and addressing sexism.”

Carner is touring Europe until November. Check out the tour dates here.