young MA


In Hip Hop by Camille Addis Alem

Make no mistake, “Crime Poetry” is nothing new. Released in 2019, this track was part of her very first album HERStory In The Making, and with this new visual, Young M.A gets straight to the point. We find her, alone, wearing a red bandana, in a dark background. She announces the colour right from the start: “I gotta get a little cocky on this one, man.

She introduces herself by saying that she’s going to talk to us, and that’s what she does the entire time. She speaks facts and delivers punchlines, moving from one topic to another; haters, money, girls and those scars. As usual, she’s not afraid to be trashy: “She said that I’m cute, but cute is for puppies. Bitch, I’m a dog. Just feed me and fuck me, And roll up a blunt while you rub me.”

Young M.A is one of the best US female rappers, if not the best! She is a lyrical genius, and her flow is impeccable. As she points out herself: “I’m not a rapper, I’m an artist, bitch, don’t confuse the art.”

She is among the few who have made it to the top of the rap game without a label. All of this, despite the hate she faced towards her sexual orientation. That is the beauty of being independent: she is now releasing an old song with a new video, and we thank her for that.