vic santoro

Video: Vic Santoro – Reinvented

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

An inspiration and uplifting new video from Cameroon born South London rapper Vic Santoro whose tale of going from a negative to positive life is told in this laid back but vibrant video.

“Reinvented is about a transition from one stage of my life to another, reflecting on my past experiences and how it affected me, the lessons I learned along the way,” Vic explains. “The essence of the song is about being able to keep going no matter what obstacles get put in your say, there’s no substitute for hard work.”
Vic continues, “for the video I wanted to take the viewers back to the beginning, where it all started for me. Every location is directly linked to a teenage memory, it’s very nostalgic watching it back.”

Catch this on Vic’s forthcoming project Glory Days Pt 1 – Pain, set to be released on 24th February

Stream here