Video: Upfront MC (Split Prophets) – The Answer

In Hip Hop by Elliott Nielson

Split Prophets are constantly producing wordsmiths who stand out as being dedicated to the craft of forming quick witted rhyming structures, around ‘classically’ dope beats.

The latest release from these talented picture-painters, which was released 28th September, is Upfront MC’s video for The Answer on his new album Lettermorphosis released the same day.

This is the 3rd release from the second solo album by Upfront and the album is a display of Upfront’s willingness to confront beats with, well, an upfront attitude. He’s progressed from debut album Upfront and Personal touching on subject matter’s like perfecting his craft, self-doubt and being part of one of the best crews of MCs doing the UK proud.

The Answer is a smooth but lyrically dexterous track, displaying signs of talent, style and general hype for the love of the art. Back dropped by slow-mo’s gorgeous slow-mo’s provided by Louis Gane & Luke Staples this is the answer to your weekend.

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