Video: TrueMendous returns with ‘Talkk’ featuring MysDiggi

In Hip Hop by Vicky Thompson

Birmingham emcee TrueMendous returns with her latest single Talkk featuring MysDiggi out on High Focus Records. Talkk is her first slice of music since her acclaimed debut LP ‘Misdiagnosis of Chyvonne Johnson’  which entered the room with the biggest and most established boom to date.

With a frustrated and dismissive attitude in the most disciplined approach possible, Talkk uncovers her deeper understanding behind too much talk and not enough action – with the people and experiences surrounding her and her success. Her lyrics convey a transparent and internal deep need for space and privacy within her actions, thoughts and approach to things in life, devoid of all toxicity and unhelpful distraction. A track that not only highlights the anger and frustration behind disingenuous people that taint progress and self-belief but is also a reflective piece of lyricality that begins to understand the importance of the value of personal space and private growth.

In sound, the track possesses a smooth boom-bap genre backed with a hypnotic undertone throughout. In addition, these sounds coincide with a raw sense of angst, attitude and aggression in an integrally woke and convicted way. Aesthetically speaking, Talkk presents a largely professional and polished finish within the music video, whereby most grime music videos pride themselves on a raw, DIY effect- Talkk has a lot of thought and squeaky-clean professional production.

Throughout the video – with over 10,000 views already –  Talkk embodies a streak of Brooklyn-Esque style by combining smooth boom-bap beats with the UK’s gritty sound, making it one of her most versatile tracks to date.

TrueMendous knows that we all have a lot to say, but are we actually listening?