Trouble, Drake, Mike WiLL Made It, Bring It Back

Video: Trouble, Drake, Mike WiLL Made-It – Bring It Back

In Hip Hop by Natalija Rnic

Trouble’s video release for ‘Bring It Back’ from his 2017 mixtape, advertises the upcoming short film of the same name, Edgewood. Killer verses from Drake are sneaking into new releases in recent weeks and so are the synthetic sounds and snares by Mike WiLL Made-It, one of the hottest producers over the past 5 years! He was behind a huge range of recent hits such as Rae Sremmurd’s ‘Black Beatles’ and Yo Gotti’s ‘Rake It Up’.

Drizzy and Mike continue to dominate the hip hop charts. Their collaboration with Trouble, directed in monotone and red by Derek Schklar, has already hit over 1,500,000 views on YouTube in 5 days.