Treble Clef

Video: Treble Clef – Trumpet Boom Official feat. Big Zuu, Elf Kid, PK, Jammz & Ruby Confue

In Grime by Elliott Nielson

New Treble Clef – Trumpet Boom Official

Treble Clef has been spinning this one exclusively on his radio sets. But in April 2017, he’s just released a video featuring the scene’s biggest upcoming and most driven MCs. Apart from radio sets and in the rave its rare his eclectically grimey beats get the treatment they deserve.

But now it sounds like they do: the vocals for Trumpet Boom, a beat he released on his 2015 Cake & Bread EP have just been released along with a roster of the scene’s hottest MCs.

The track features Ruby Confue on the smooth hook, PK, Jammz, Elf Kid and Big Zuu all have verses and feature in the video. The Lion of Grime. The original Kyote. The inside the ride driver. Whatever you call him it’s been a minute since we had a release with vocals and it’s Boomin.

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