Video: Tommy B — The Statement

In Grime by Mxrtlxck

Tommy B is an 18 year old grime MC from Essex, already this ‘next gen’ MC is proving that he doesn’t need to wait until it’s his time, he is smashing his way to the forefront right now! After creating a mad hype following his Sounds of the Verse with Sir Spyro, click for the video here, and also more than holding his own in Hell In A Cell 2, Tommy B drops the video for ‘The Statement’ over on Grime Report before the highly anticipated release of his debut EP ‘Racing’ Wednesday 30th May on all digital platforms.
‘The Statement’ produced by MistaKay is grime in its rawest form, with Tommy’s gritty, punchline lyricism taking the vibes right back to pirate radio and the early days of grime. Showing true maturity in his delivery and confidence on the mic Tommy B could be taking the title off of The Godfather in years to come!