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Video: Tantskii — JDZ Media Platinum Edition

In Grime by Mxrtlxck

It seems that 2018 is being taken by the scruff of the neck by Tantskii, showing us all about content and flows in his new JDZ Media Platinum Edition. This year has already seen Tantskii bodybagging all his new releases, including the grime EP ‘Adrenaline Mode‘, and if it is even possible the levels have gone insanly higher here. Listening to the lyrics you can hear a new matured Tantskii that shares all his feelings and emotions with his fans through his music. This is by far the hardest JDZ video of 2018 taking both Tantskii and the platform to new heights. At the end of the video Tantskii also announces that he’s dropping a mixtape on New Years Eve titled ‘This Is Real Life’, ending the year in a big way and paving for success in 2019.