beast coast

Video: Strawhat Dynasty Ft. D’Chaser – Beast Coast

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

A dope tribute to both the East Coast hip hop sound of yesteryear and how boom bap can be brought into 2020 with out sounding too throwback! ‘Beast Coast’ has a raw sound but the flows from each artist are butter smooth, making it an easy, fun and hype listen for anyone looking to vibe and bop their heads.
Dope production from Jaguar Kevins which works as an ideal back drop for dynamic flow patterns and pumped up delivery are served up here showing a ton of promise and entertainment value. Puerto Rico is known to have a big impact on the NY sound and in this song their culture is in full effect. Great vibes thru out.Β  Strawhat Dynasty have invested 15 years of their life as professional b-boys and it shows! We dig this one for sure. Stream via Spotify and watch the video here!