Video: Sparkz – Kno the Sound

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Video: Sparkz – Kno the Sound

Rising Manchester MC Sparkz, best known for lacing The Mouse Outfit’s beats with his uncompromising verbal dexterity, has released the first hint at his strengths as a solo musician with the video for ‘Kno the Sound’. The first single off his latest EP ‘Angle One’, the track confirms our faith in Sparkz’s blistering talents as an MC, but also shows what a wizard he is on the buttons.


The EP ‘Angle One’ is the first in a three part series of EPs known as ‘Angles’, all set to be released through the growing Room2 Records label, and they’ll exhibit Sparkz as not just a rapper but also a beat-maker. The first instalment, ‘Kno the Sound’, shows that his decision to self-produce was a wise one, featuring a slick jazz inspired hip hop instrumental complete with hints of jazz flute and an irresistible brass hook.

As for his vocal performance, anyone who’s following this young MC knows how accomplished his skills are and this offering is no exception. Importantly, his production and flow match up perfectly, and it feels like we’ll be seeing the best of his MCing talents as a result of his decision to self-produce.