Video: Ruinz Ason – Wake Up (Prod. By J-Flames)

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Video: Ruinz Ason – Wake Up (Prod. By J-Flames)

Taken from his forthcoming ‘The Dubtrap Experience: Special Edition’ which is due out on Nov 18th, multifaceted artist Ruinz Ason along with his brother and producer J-Flames bring out the visuals for ‘Wake Up’.

Their sound ‘Dubtrap’ for the uninitiated is a hybrid blend of Dubstep, Trap, Dub, Hip Hop and Reggae influences which all give way for his new project (which you can stream below.) The levels have been officially raised! Following release of his appearance at Right Chord Music’s first UK virtual festival, they will be following suit with a live virtual show on the ‘Wake Up’ release date of Nov. 18th.

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