pat phelan

Video: Roundhouse — Pat Phelan

In Hip Hop by Mxrtlxck

Some dirty street vibes from the 2 piece guitar-hop band Roundhouse, from Maidstone, Kent, and the debut video ‘Pat Phelan.’ Consisting of Daniel Son (Rapper/Drums) and Brother Jim (Guitar/Bass) they co produce, mix, master all in house between the duo. The grimey street single debut drops after the track itself was written, recorded and filmed in the space of a week and a half, but the high levels across all aspects of the release would signal months of hard work and preparation went into this. Anybody that knows who Pat Phelan is would tell you Daniel Son’s attitude in this track is spot on to the character and with the hook, shit no rapper would want it with Pat Phelan!

The combination of Daniel Son’s quick witted lyricisim and Brother Jim’s sick guitar riffs create the heaviest sound that is Roundhouse, with an album in the works this duo are due to release more videos, with in house camera man Dean Wolski, for upcoming single releases.

Twitter: @weareroundhouse Insta: @weareroundhouse