Video: Resident Advisor TV – Three Cuts – – – Scratcha DVA

In Other by Nick Russell

Influential clubbing/music site Resident Advisor begins a new series of short films by asking the pioneering (approaching veteran) producer/DJ and Rinse FM radio host Scratcha DVA (who we booked for a set at an event we put on in 2009) to play three cuts: an early production, a key release and an upcoming selection.

To begin the series they took the train to Manor Park in East London to meet Leon (AKA Scratcha). His impulsive brand of UK club music has been a big part of Kode9’s seminal Hyperdub label… He also runs DVA Music, which has released around a dozen 12-inches since setting up in 2003.

 Here’s a few personal favourite production from him over the years!

DVA – Nasty Nasty Nasty (Instrumental) 

New World Order 

Kill All A’ Dem (Instrumental)

Wake Up ft Black The Ripper

Bare Fuzz