Video: Raz Simone & Sam Lachow – Money

In Hip Hop by Katie Allen

Smooth but a deep and forthright sounding track; using background haunting piano on the laid-back beat, with breakthrough singer Ariana DeBoo who provides ethereal backing vocals!

The tune tells of the duo’s personal story about making something out of nothing, while not letting anyone or anything stand in your way.  Shot with artistic black and white cinematography, it allows you to focus on the story line and the emotions conveyed in the record. 

‘Three bedroom shacks we’d sel through packs, Still standing ghetto like Jews before they had cash, make bitch niggas bleed like bad cramps…’

Sam Lachow & Raz Simone’s brand new EP “5 Good Reasons” is now on free download from Dat Piff:

Raz’s new EP Cognitive Dissonance also available soon!