Video: Rakeem Miles – ‘It Is What It Is’ ft Wacka Flocka Flame [Produced by Chad Hugo of the Neptunes]

In Hip Hop by Vicky Thompson

LA-based rapper, songwriter and producer Rakeem Miles drops ‘It Is What It Is’, produced by Chad Hugo of the Neptunes, with a feature verse from Atlanta’s Waka Flocka! Completely stripped of all its seriousness and also surprisingly alternative, the song is nothing short of being silly yet soulful. With a funk-filled guitar riff and a catchy house/electronic big-beat, ‘It Is What It Is’ delivers a versatile fusion of funk, rap and soul all wrapped into one catchy tune.

The words weird, wacky and wonderful perfectly describe the visuals in the music video, because the exaggerated avatars in a forest paint a picture of absurdism and freedom, revealing an inner child learning to accept things just as they are. Rakeem Miles uplifts and inspires freedom and fun within his music, so It Is What It Is does what it says on the tin. So, without too much depth in the lyrics, the song itself, accompanied by the visuals inspires a ‘C’est La Vie’ type of attitude, because it really is nothing more and nothing less. 

Colourful and catchy –  inspired by musical pioneers such as Kanye West and Pharell Williams – Rakeem Miles shows us a whole new side to not only his music but his overall attitude. By creating a vivacious, vibrant and versatile sound, Rakeem Miles steps back from the norms of what rap artists are all about so he can continue to encourage artists to just have fun with their craft.

You can stream It Is What It Is via Apple Music, Spotify or Soundcloud. 

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