Video: Raggo Zulu Rebel – The City

In Hip Hop by Josh Hood

London-based, hip-hop stalwart Raggo Zulu Rebel demonstrates his enduring lyrical class and style in the video for ‘The City’ – a track lifted from his latest studio album GOD MC. In hommage to London, Raggo takes us around its famous landmarks and attractions – sites that endure through both physical and political attacks. Shot in classical black and white, this idea of persistance is central. After all the bombs and political rhetoric, it is the people of London that give it life, and nurture it back to health. As such, consider ‘The City’ as Raggo Zulu Rebel’s injection of that vital elixir that every big city needs – love.

‘The love’s there. Feeling strong for the city. That’s the reason that I wrote this song for the city’