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Video: Prabh Deep – Suno (Punjabi hip hop)

In Hip Hop by Sophie Gaudin

Video: Prabh Deep – Suno (Punjabi hip hop)

Street crime, poverty, drugs. All themes we are used to hearing vividly documented in hip-hop. But how much Indian rap are you familiar with? If your answer is not much, well here is a new sound to lead you in. Indian rapper Prabh Deep’s new track, ‘Suno’ is accompanied by a video which vividly depicts the struggles of a young teenager in Delhi. He raps in Punjabi, but the lyrics are subtitled in English if your Punjabi is not up to scratch. The single is taken from his brand new album ‘Class-Sikh’, which was released October 16. He has already been covered in Buzzfeed and Rolling Stone in India, and definitely has a message that we can all learn from regardless of which country we are from.

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