Video: PAV4N links up with Sukh Knight for 3rd single ‘DOOM’

In dubstep, Grime, Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Straight crack as from PAV4N (of Foreign Beggars fame), something we’ve come to expect over the past 18 yrs of hearing his music! Great to hear this enjoyed the fusion of sounds and genres from Sukh, and Pav’s vocals are delivered in the heavy duty style which is bound to wake you up in the right way!

The video’s brilliant too, and something very outside the box from an outstanding artist! Realness from the start! This is off the project from PAV4N and Sukh Knight, which sees a physical release on 21st August. The saffron and blue 12 inch vinyl features artwork from Osom Studios and Indian photographer Mitsun Soni. It features two A-sides, ‘DOOM’ and ‘2020 FE DEAD’, with both tracks dropping digitally before then, alongside accompanying music videos. //