Video: Oscar #worldpeace – MOOK

In Grime by Tom Maloney

Video: Oscar #worldpeace – MOOK

One for the lovers of simple lyrics and a simple flow, executed over a monstrous instrumental. Newcomer to the scene Oscar reminds us that lyrics don’t have to be deep or even have meaning as long as the track sounds good. This unusual track off his debut ‘CULT EP’ is already garnishing a cult following in London’s thriving underground scene.

The experimental electronic instrumental carries his repetative structure and powers the song. The beat is edgy and dark while Oscar’s persona is agitated and hysterical. The outcome creates a powerful sinister atmosphere. This is a rapper aware of the relationship between lyrics, delivery and instrumental and he exploits that relationship to keep us entertained.

I’m intrigued by his work which seems fresh and original and I looking forward to seeing what the rest of his album holds. Lets hope its of the same non-sensical, unrefined, anarchist nature of ‘MOOK’.