Video: NYC’s BRKN BLVD drops debut ‘Over The Rainbow’

In Other by Vicky Thompson

Angsty NYC trip-pop singer/songwriter BRKN BLVD dropped his latest track Over The Rainbow on March 16th, featuring CHYLD under independent record label Rockdafuqout. ‘Over The Rainbow’ is an example of contrast at its core, an angsty yet colourful pop tune that collides happiness with sadness, boredom with freedom and colourful rainbows with grey clouds. Whilst the melody bops and the trippy visuals beam, the lyrics take a melancholy and hopeless route.

With slick production, BRKN BLVD revels in his mood swings by creating a track that we can carelessly dance to whilst simultaneously wondering if there will be any gold at the end of the rainbow.

A surprisingly thought-provoking synthy, soulful and summery sound that innocently addresses loss of direction in life, whilst learning to have fun a the same time throughout his lyrics.

Aesthetically, the video is an organic make up of 90’s rave nostalgia crossed with a mundane and makeshift DIY backdrop shot in his home environment which effectively contributes to his thematic contrast.

Over The Rainbow is the first track that solidifies the sound for the rest of the upcoming project, so it is only the beginning of the ever-changing weather that BRKN BLVD will bring.

You can watch the video for Over The Rainbow here –