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Video: Not3s – Aladdin

In Hip Hop by Rumel Miah

Brand new video from Not3s

Not3s – with the rise of the afro funky beats and the half rapping half singing flow, we’ve had some very talented guys pop up and release some heavy summer bangers. This article is about a relatively new artist but he’s come onto the scene with a crazy sound, which also has garnered him some negative attention.

Not3s has been on the scene for some time now and his latest song ‘Aladdin’ is no different to the mad stuff we’ve heard from him before. Critics say he’s still riding off the ‘Addison Lee’ fame and he’s copying J Hus’ trap melody, but he really isn’t. His music’s more relevant to the person who just wants to enjoy themselves, ‘Aladdin’ for example laces some very calm lyrics about being fly over a funky beat but the chorus brings the whole song together. He sounds like he’s off the streets without mentioning anything illegal, a very smart trick for someone so young. I’m sure we can expect more feel-good bangers off this guy, and I as a fan of this new wave welcome it! Stay counting up them Not3s people!