Video: Mystically – Heavy Rain

In Reggae & Dancehall by Nick Russell

Powerful female duo Mystically offer a deep roots reggae vibe with incredible voice and sensitivity. This track comes from their album, IRATION released last year and the video offers stunning images from the gig live at Rencontres et Racines Festival in France.

The duo, accompanied by talented musicians, offered an explosive show, a significant moment for the two ladies. In their song ‘Heavy Rain’ they pay tribute to the large audience who came to support them at the summer festivals.

“Because ‘Heavy Rain’ expresses that we’re stronger together, it’s like a metaphor of heavy rain falling and creating something life-saving thanks to the thousand millions of rain drops … Like if we, the people were all together, we would be those thousand millions of rain drops building big things”.

The video is full of beautiful live images that pay tribute to the many musicians supporting the duo. Those musicians increase the band’s identity every day because we are stronger together …

Stream ‘Heavy Rain’  here