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Video: MonroeJoe feat. SHRLT – Their Eyes

In Hip Hop by Elliott Nielson

MonroeJoe is back with a new music video

Mr MonroeJoe delivers another soulful slice of West London life as he teams up with the extremely talented SHRLT and producer Maschine Man Tim on their new track Their Eyes. It’s a sit down perspective on a stand-up guy who’s often “vocal at the local” pub and struggles with his lyrics cause he can’t lie in his verses.

His delivery is so honest you almost feel for the man; he understands modern day social interaction is a confusing convergence between Twitter timeline’s and real life interactions, so much so that he actually get’s “too emotional for socials”.

Monroe saw success at the latter half of last year with two SBTV video, both of similar jazzy hip hop calibre. One can only imagine his upcoming EP Music On The Side will have a similar ‘laxed’ back quality. Despite him being “fine on his own” the track isn’t drivelled down in melancholy thoughts. It frees the soul with the thoughts all the strangers in this world are quite blind to you and your ability, you’ve got all freedom to curate and speak your mind. That’s what I grasped anyway.