Video: Mickey Factz – $4.14

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Video: Mickey Factz – $4.14

For those of you who are fearful of the ever increasing chill in the air and the impending winter months that lay ahead of us, I would highly recommend turning to tunes like this for comfort. The latest single from Bronx, New York rapper Mickey Factz entitled $4.14 will bring a warm summery vibe to your dreary autumn afternoons. Prepare to be transported back to the carefree days of chilling in the park with a Red Stripe in hand and good friends by your side.

Although the lyrics express Mickey’s frustration at the music industry, the laid back style of rapping paired with mellow production create a zen-like vibe. The beautifully shot and unconventionally rural video places Mickey in some eye-catching surroundings, with picturesque shots of him floating down a river and bathing in what looks like a lake, a far cry from the generic gritty urban videos you would normally expect to be paired with a hip hop tune of this nature.


Mickey Factz | $4.14 from Exhibition Z on Vimeo.