Video: Mayne – Think Bigger

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

New stateside heat from Mississippi born Maryland raised emcee Mayne, whose laid back and chilled presence on the mic comes across super slick! Expect to hear this and more of this vibe on his latest project, the Ouroboros EP. The concept behind ‘Think Bigger‘ is that of a realisation. The song dedicates itself to the idea that in order to achieve meaningful things, you’ll need to ‘Think Bigger’.

One of the stand out aspects with Mayne is that he aims to revive the art of guidance through music. He wants to help listeners to overcome obstacles that leave most in depressed states. Sharing his music as a necessity, this is what the people have been unknowingly waiting for, and if it’s not his music, it is the energy that’s growing and is waiting to be heard. Entirely spiritual!

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