loyle carner, rebel kleff, Kiko Bun, You Don't Know

Video: Loyle Carner, Rebel Kleff, Kiko Bun – You Don’t Know

In Hip Hop by Elliott Nielson

Another soul-soothing piece of audible art from the ponderable pairing of Loyle Carner‘s lyrics over Rebel Kleff beats. You Don’t Know entrusts Kiko Bun with the hook and you’ll probably be singing it back

This wouldn’t be the first time they’ve come together: way back on Loyle’s first EP, A Little Late (2014) Kiko’s serenades on October.

The video, directed by Louis Bhose, stars Loyle’s mother Jean Coyle-Larner & day-one producer Rebel Kleff aswell as prolific poet Benjamin Zephaniah.