Video: Logic – Black SpiderMan ft. Damien Lemar Hudson

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Logic – Black SpiderMan ft. Damien Lemar Hudson

Here’s the new single from Logic’s upcoming album ‘EVERYBODY’, which is all about individuality. Throughout the song, Logic is trying to tell people to embrace who they are and to be proud of it. His lyrics focus on, us as humans to be united with a sense of togetherness while saying nothing can separate us. Regardless of race, sexuality, religion, creed or colour; because we are all human at the end of the day.

The rapper himself has said: “This song is the celebration of unity and a world built upon division“. The music video showcases many different people from different races all dancing and singing together as one while the smooth, yet punchy beat and Logic’s powerful lyricism play in the back accompanied by Damien’s smooth vocals. Towards the middle of the song, it takes a very soulful approach with a Gospel choir joining Damien in his solo part.

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