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Video: Lil Dicky – Freaky Friday ft. Chris Brown

In Hip Hop by Chris White

Renowned for his unique style and creative process, Lil Dicky has always been somewhat of a comedic cult hero in the rap scene. He can now add Chris Brown to his prolific list of collaborations (which already include the likes of Snoop Dogg and T Pain amongst others), as their track ‘Freaky Friday’ dropped a couple of days ago, already racking up 10M views!

The big budget video, directed by Tony Yacenda, is easily his most creative yet. A parody of the film by the same name, he and Chris Brown exchange bodies, and the chaos that ensues is narrated through the lyrics. Expect big name cameos, and it’s interesting how the track also humorously tackles racial stereotypes, “wonder if I can say the N-word”, says Dicky in Brown’s body.

Not much else to say really, you’ve just got see the video, and Listen / Download Here.