Lamarrie Essquire

Video: Lamarrie Essquire – P.R.£.A.M

In Hip Hop by Elliott Nielson

New Lamarrie Essquire music video

Lamarrie Essquire aka Da Flyy Hooligan is without doubt one of the most dexterous and dangerous MCs in UK Hip Hop.

Formerly known as Iron Braydz, the London rapper delivers his authentic gourmet rhymes for latest track entitled P.R.£.A.M. The war like drum patterns reflect the dramatic tones laid by Ecam Entertainment to create the perfect backdrop to Essquire’s lyrical gunfire. His verses are relentless explosions of self-motivating patterns with well refined speech.

The video is not glamorous despite it’s settings on Saville Row and the Millennium bridge. Two landmarks that are blatant reminders London is the financial and money capital of the world. The bold colour choice from director Rings Ov Saturn tie this piece of art together seamlessly.

If the track is an ode to Wu-Tang C.R.E.A.M., it’s done the legendary track and the Hooligan justice. Watch out for more from Lamarrie Essquire as this was the first release in an upcoming series of sophisticated hip hop anthems to come.