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Video: Kojey Radical — WATER (IF ONLY THEY KNEW)

In Hip Hop by Mxrtlxck

East London rapper, Kojey Radical, continues to push and blur the boundaries between art and music with the 9 minute short film for ‘WATER (IF ONLY THEY KNEW).’ The visuals are powerful during ‘WATER’ depicting themes of angst, social oppression, and societal privilege. When asked about the visual Kojey had this to say:
“This visual represents a lot of things for us. It’s the first visual I’m releasing this year and it’s always been our aim to push the boundaries of our creativity.

I was luckily enough to be raised by a family of strong females – Craig, my director, also – and we wanted to make a visual that was heavy on representation not only just for women but also to create and elaborate on conversations on black masculinity.

 And how we connect and understand each other as genders. For is, an untold story is easily one of the biggest burdens one can carry and we really want to use our creative voices to tell as many stories as possible. I hope people find their own meaning within this visual. Not one dictated by me. 

And ultimately I hope that you enjoy it.”

Check out the video below.