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VIDEO: Kojey Radical – Payback (feat. Knucks)

In Hip Hop by Camille Addis Alem

A week ago, Kojey Radical has dropped his latest single ‘Payback’ featuring North West London rapper Knucks. Funky infused, this absolute banger is produced by Swindle. As usual, Kojey is giving us a clear and outstanding message. As the video starts, everything screams “black essence”. Then you see him shaking his head to the music and you can already feel the joy and the pride. Premiering the track on BBC Radio 1’s Future Sounds, he said: “I think for me this record is just pure energy. And I think from the moment that we decided to make the record and I hope this kind of just gonna say this is me, it was almost like a medium that we went back and forth for us. We just wanted to make a record that felt like a celebration of blackness, but also just like a celebration of community and culture and self-identity and pride. And that can exist for everybody. So it’s just that moment where you feel like you take control back into your own hands and realize no one company is the product.”

Collaborating once again with Charlie Sarsfield, who previously directed ‘Gangsta’, the video is up to the message. In a retro decor, Kojey and Knucks all dressed up, throw effortlessly their bars back and forth. Supported by familiar faces such as Wretch 32, Ego Ella May, Cashh, Shaé Universe and many more, the outfits are colourful and the lighting emphasises the beautiful skin tones.

With his debut album set to be released on March 4th, Kojey Radical has given us another glimpse into what we can expect on ‘Reason To Smile’. In addition to his lyrical poetry, this artist has his own way to share his energy and creativity with the public and those around him and that’s all we need for 2022!