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Video: Kelvyn Colt – Love & Hate

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Self directed by the rapper himself, Kelvyn Colt proves he’s a man of many trades. His visual combines well with the cinematic special effects and wintery dark theme, cleverly simplistic yet interwoven with the depth of his song which is extremely raw, heartfelt yet empowering. Videographer Max Gottwald, they work together seamlessly with this impressive project. Also track produced by The Krauts, they have all certainly established a bright future ahead.

These lyrics are especially resonant: “Midst these shattered pieces, Naively believe in peace here. You be showing me articles, Links to mental health blogs, Talking bout how you care about me, But none of us here got self love,  You telling me to reflect more,  But in the mirror that effects gone…”

“Irrespective of your gender, ethnicity or where you are, I want you to know that your life holds value. That you are important. That you can make a difference and you are worthy. Worthy of life, worthy of love. The start of love is self-love. Learn to accept and love yourself. Beyond all the darkness, there is light.” – Kelvyn Colt / E.P:

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