Video: KAMAU- PohLease

In Hip Hop by Tom Hill

Video: KAMAU- PohLease

KAMAU recent A Gorgeous Fortune EP has showcased a real selection of intelligent and thought provoking work. Now he steps things up with a new video for track PohLease. It tackles the issue of police brutality, which has featured prominently in headlines this year.

PohLease sets out to get the listener really thinking and reacting taking us back each time to the refrain. “Who police the police when they get out of line”. All this is underscored by powerful visuals demonstrating a story which all to often could become reality. Drawing things to a close the track reaches an emotionally laden instrumental bridge.

KAMAU is clearly an artist set on delivering a message. And across the rest of his A Gorgeous Fortune there is certainly a lot of food for thought as well as stylised music and visuals. The EP is available from iTunes and Spotify and for more videos check out KAMAU’s YouTube channel.