Video: K-Woody – Tell The World

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Video: K-Woody – Tell The World

Raised just south of Boston, K-Woody began writing and recording his own music in his junior year of high school. From there he decided to take his talents to Connecticut and major in Music Industry.

The nineteen year old has released two mixtapes to date and just released his second solo project, an EP called, People I’ve Met. At the start of his career he really didn’t know what he wanted his “sound” to be. This summer, K-Woody has moved to Nashville to intern at Dark Horse Recording and better himself as an artist. While working with many talented artists, producers, and engineers, K-Woody progressed into the artist you have all come to enjoy.

The artist states “I speak about how I want to help the world and take a turn for the better with everyone but I just don’t know how. This track is one of my personal favorities and I truly believe will b one of yours as well. The artwork was done by Hype Hits. This is my 2nd single release since the drop of my latest mixtape, People I’ve Met. I invite you to share this in anyway you see fit! Thanks and enjoy!”