Video: Jung Mergs – Revenge

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

We’ve supported the East London emcee Jung Mergs for a few years and once again he delivers a dope tune, with a fusion of tight flow patterns and interesting lyrics, the vocal worked well with the eerie vibe on the trap inspired beat. This track is as part of his well-received ‘Everyone Talks About The Good, Never The Bad’ 3-part series, which is set to come to a head, with the release of his next single ‘Control’ later this autumn.

Speaking about the inspiration for ‘Revenge’, Jung Mergs says, “The track was inspired by the feeling of being overlooked by people around you and fear as a mind-state. I wanted to show what it felt like to rebel against and take revenge on these feelings and situations. The track speaks to me of being sick of playing life by preconceived rules and wanting to cut through all of its noise. The video for ‘Revenge’ follows in the same vein, with me trying to get my subconscious to embrace these feelings of revenge, anger and non-conformity that society often tells us to shy away from”.