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Video: Jhené Aiko – Never Call Me ft. Kurupt

jhene aiko, kurupt, R&B

Penny is back with a new video from her ‘Trip’ album, after releasing her movie for it. The ‘Never Call Me’ video shows Aiko in the serenity and traditional outfits of China. Typical of her out-of-the-box creativity, the video is visually stunning but mixed with a sombre and sentimental vibe.

The Slauson Hills Edition however shows Jhené in her hood element featuring the street she grew up on (Slauson Avenue, Los Angeles), old-school grainy camera videos and close friends. Her sister Mila J also makes a cameo.

Aiko, who recently turned 30, sticks to her roots and has her girls around her as she sings about a mediocre lover and this edition ends with a heart-warming message from her ‘big brother’ Kurupt.

Follow Jhené on instagram at @jheneaiko.

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