gang way, Jey Luchy

Video: Jey Luchy – Gang Way

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

New bilingual single from Ghana rapper Jey Luchy who travelled to Russia at the age of 18, and began his professional musical career by signing with Russia’s top music producer 1Bula working with renowned Russian singer, Rita Richi.

‘Gang Way’ was recorded using a fusion of English and Twi and is centred around the fascinating concept of how the dollar bill can alter and drive other people’s actions! As well as this he covers how leading a fake lives for that social media love so often places unnecessary pressure on young people, causing a negative impact on their mental health. Recorded at his own studio with producer Sectormadeit, ‘Gang Way’ shows how he’s reaching new heights of creativity with this release.

Stream the single here and peep the video below!