Video: Hyperaptive – Lyrical Narcotics

In Hip Hop by Katie Allen

London based rapper Jason Hawkins aka. Hyperaptive kills it to the pulpit with this track! Taken from the new EP “Hyperaptive: LDN” directed by the man himself also filmed by Alex Javier, Johann Gutierrez & Georgia Coleman. With lyrics like these he’d slander alot of peeps to shame:

“Man I’m at the cavernous-depths,
Of insanity, This head’s a fucking hazardous-nest,
Of bars, beats, rhymes, basically a chasm-of-death, 
For any emcees who wanna to test, how deep the savageness-gets
A ravenous-vet, man for years I’ve been flaming-tracks…
And pussy’s thrown at me like the fucking sky’s raining-cats!”  @HyperaptiveUK