4 sure, country dons

Video: Hampshire rap trio Country Dons drop ‘4 Sure’

In Hip Hop by Vicky Thompson

The Hampshire rap trio drop their latest release, reasserting their talent in the rap scene with 4 Sure.

Previously having received support from Charlie Sloth and Kenny Allstar, they have reached a total of 50 million views collectively with viral hits such as ‘Ramsay’ and ‘Sticky Situation’ in 2019. The rappers are back using their shovels to dig deeper into much darker stories of what happens when the wires cross between trap life and country life.

Remaining anonymous, the rappers create an ominous yet open and honest sounding track. With confessional lyrics that capture a hard yet somewhat humble story, 4 Sure withholds a different perspective, it opens its doors to understanding how far trap life reaches beyond the city. The beat is abrasive yet hesitant, and the lyrics are raw and revealing, and although Country Boys, they couldn’t be closer to the city in style and essence.

4 Sure is a biting track based on truth, trust and trauma that covers not only the main roads but also the country roads too.

You can stream 4 Sure here: https://ada.lnk.to/4-Sure