Hak Baker video

Video/Review: Hak Baker- 7AM

In Other by Tom Hill

New music video from Hak Baker

After Hak Baker career took him from grime collective Bomb Squad at 14 to working alongside Skepta London singer-songwriter, he is now gearing up for the release of his EP The Misfits with the release of debut video 7AM. 

Baker has clearly spent time creating a unique sound which here manifests as a futuristic and ethereal rendering of folk guitar instrumentals and synth which helps create the same edgy, dreamlike feel of the video.

Starting out in a party Baker himself only briefly appears in the visuals observing and narrating from behind his guitar with the main narrative following one of the guests escaping into a surreal dreamscape. Lyrically though Baker is present throughout once again showing a combining of influences with his accent, character and emotions clearly showing through the soulful delivery.

7AM is certainly worth a watch and listen for something a bit different that will leave you thinking and with a full EP on the way there’s certainly more to watch out for from Hak Baker.

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