Video: Geko – We Got This Ft Young Adz

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

Video: Geko – We Got This Ft Young Adz

Manchester emcee Geko comes through with hard-hitting track ‘We Got This’, aimed at those doubting his solo ability after he unexpectedly splintered from K Koke’s USG crew. Having signed Geko at just 13, Koke clearly felt a sense of betrayal, though Geko states that there was much more to the story than what people heard on twitter. Regardless, Geko is out to prove his individual worth as an MC and more than succeeds with this heavy production.

Set against a moody trap beat and a minimal piano loop, Geko’s lyrical skills are centre-stage. If this track was made to silence those questioning his ability, he has done so in the coolest, calmest way possible. No over the top hooks or gimmicks, just pure hip-hop energy. Like a metronome he powers through the track with his old school story-telling style rhymes and his solid flow, discussing the current state of his career and alluding to his old crew in his 16. His style links up perfectly with the beat, making this a genuinely fresh banger, combing elements of old and new. 

The hook sums up the track, repeating the phrase ‘we got this’ over the moody instrumental, never trying to do too much. Young Adz follows Geko’s lead for his 16, which has the same confidence in dismissing what people ‘say in the comments’, asking ‘do you think we worry about you?’ Despite Young Adz’s skill, this track firmly belongs to Geko, who mans the hook and sets the standard high from his first bar to his last. 

Its a big track thats professional in production, skill, rhymes and attitude. Expect bigger and bigger things from this young MC who’s already outgrown USG, and looks set to  take his career even further on his own, and, as he says, make other MCs ‘beg for your fans back’. Expect a release date soon: