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Video: Fumin — I Want In

In Grime by Mxrtlxck

Way back in 2004 Lethal B dropped Forward Riddim featuring Fumin, D Double E, Napper, Jamakabi, Neeko, Flowdan, Ozzie B, MC Forcer and Demon. This was the first real taste the wider grime scene got of Fumin, who at the time was part of the legendary grime crew Fire Camp, with that classic “Wot, wot, your barking up the wrong tree” bar getting reloaded on every set. Now Fumin is back as part of the Grime Originals collective and released his new video for ‘I Want In’ produced by Teddy aka Silencer. This track brings back the energy and hunger we heard from Fumin back on his ‘Freckle Face EP’ and it’s fully sick seeing a legend return this strong.