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Video: FRSHRZ – Blxck Pride II ft Daak Martin, Si Phili, Logic

In Hip Hop by Nick Russell

To mark the 30th anniversary of Black History Month, hip hop trio Frshrz have linked up with emcees Daak Martin, Si Phili and Logic over a solid production from Nutty P.  The group describe the song as an “anthem for black identity, empowerment and love –  a statement of intent from the past, present and future from us to you brimming with BLXCK PRIDE”. Some really powerful music here and it’s great to see how they have brought three certified dons of UK hip hop to work on this. They’ve brought Si Phili of Phi Life Cypher, Logic of People’s Army, and Nutty P the, well established multi genre producer, and also used track as a perfect opportunity to introduce Daak Martin, a rapper they’ve signed to the label Club Frshrz.

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